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Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMC is historic competence of TEM Consulting.  We have a long history of dealing with EMC testing and FCC compliance. 

Stephen Berger chairs the IEEE EMC Society Standards Development Committee and has been deeply involved in writing many of the foundational standards used in this arena.  Currently he also chairs the ANSI C63.4 revision effort, which is the test standard for FCC Part 15, 47 CFR 15.

Our specialties are compliance planning, regulatory representation and laboratory efficiency.

Staying current on emissions and immunity test requirements in today's fast changing regulatory and technology environment presents an ongoing and formidable challenge.  We can make sure you stay current and are not surprised by new developments.

If you do a lot of testing, laboratory automation and efficiency improvements are a specialty.  Using a variety of software automation and process management tools we can decrease costs while increasing effectiveness.


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