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TEM Consulting specialized products to support highly specialized laboratory and testing requirements.   The following summarizes our

Current offering:



The TEM Consulting near field scanner is a high precisions positioner that supports the precise movement of field probes. Using our scanning positioner field maps of planes and volumes can be developed to assist engineers in antenna design, analyzing and solving EMC problems and mapping signal intensity.

Product Page - RF Near Field Scanner


T-Coil Magnetometer, DAQ Based

The T-Coil Magnatometer is designed for T-Coil Hearing Aid Compatibility compliance measurement. These instruments provide a fast and accurate method for measuring T-Coil signals and magnetic fields in the audio frequency band.

Product Page - Magnetometers


T-Coil Magnetometer / Sound Level Meter

The T-Coil Magnatometer / Sound Level Meter (TCM-SLM) is an essential tool for anyone designing phones for T-Coil Hearing Aid Compatibility.

Product Page - Magnetometers


MD-2 Drivers

TEM Consulting is pleased to offer LabVIEW Drivers for MD-2 Controller. We developed these vi's (Vitual Instrument routines) for our own use and now are making them available to others.

Product Page - MD-2 Drivers



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