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History of the GTEM?

GTEM - Gigahertz Transverse ElectroMagnetic Cell

  • TEM Cell Developed by Myron Crawford at NIST

  • GTEM developed by ABB

  • Extended Hyper-Rotation Developed by Stephen Berger at Siemens

  • Recognized by FCC in a Public Notice for RF Emissions testing

  • Incorporated into ANSI C63.4-2000 for FCC Part 15 testing

  • Specified in many RF Immunity test standards (IEC 61000-4-20, IEC 60118-13, etc.)

GTEM Patents by Stephen Berger

  • 5,754,054
    Apparatus and method for determining the source and strength of electromagnetic emissions

  • 5,589,773
    System and method for making electromagnetic measurements using a tiltable transverse electromagnetic cell and a fixed tilt sample holder

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