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T-Coil Magnetometer

The TEM Consulting T-Coil Magnetometer provides an effective solution for measurement to ANSI C63.19 Clause 6 and other magnetic field readings. The system uses a high precision, anti-aliasing digital acquisition PCI bus board for convenient and accurate measurement.

TEM Consulting offers a series of magnetometers for measurement of T-Coil signals and other magnetic field measurements in the audio frequency band. For compliance measurements the DAQ based instrument is recommended for its ease of integration into a measurement system, accuracy consistent with the DAQ device selected.

The magnetometer includes:

  • An axial and radial T-Coil probe.
  • Magnetometer software, which provides:
    • A, B & C Message Weighting Filters
    • Half and Full Band Integrators
    • Full Band and Fractional Octave Readings
  • DAQ board for either PCI or USB bus.

For engineering and diagnotic work a handled combination T-Coil Magnetometer / Sound Level Meter (TCM-SLM) is offered. The TCM-SLM is based on a modified, handheld, battery powered, analog Sound Level Meter. The input is switch selectable between microphone of T-Coil probe input. A and C weighting is provided as well as a fast and slow meter response. Seven gain ranges are provided for a total dynamic range of 76 dB.

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T-Coil Probes

Tip of Axial Probe






Oscilloscope Function



Three application programs come with the DAQ based magnetometers:

  • An oscilloscope functions, for time domain observation of a signal.
  • A magnetometer program
  • An automated scanning function for use with the TEM Consulting Scanning Positioner


When the T-Coil Magnetometer is used together with TEM Consulting's Scanning Positioner contour plots and spacial studies of the field are easily performed.

Field plots provide invaluable tools for guiding design and gaining insight to the radiating field structures.

The TEM Consulting scanning positioner provides a fast and effective means of surveying field patterns.

Weighting and integration functions are applied post-detection. If desired the raw, unweighted signals can be saved along with the weighted results. Thus multiple analysis may be performed on the same data.


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