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The TEM Consulting near field scanner is a high precisions positioner that supports the precise movement of field probes. Using our scanning positioner field maps of planes and volumes can be developed to assist engineers in antenna design, analyzing and solving EMC problems and mapping signal intensity.

Several documents are available for further information, including:


Animations of Near Field Scanner

The following animation files show the near field scanner in action:




Physical Dimensions
Movement Range (X-Y-Z) 45 x 45 x 47 cm
(17.75 x 17.75 x 18.5 in)
Maximum movement protected by limit switches which can be adjusted to smaller dimensions if needed
Dimensions 91 x 91 x 96.5 cm
(36 x 36 x 38 in)
Recommended Operating Area 91 x 124 x 140 cm
(36 x 49 x 55 in)
Movement Specifications
Accuracy ±0.0833%
(±0.083 cm/meter / 0.010 in/ft)
Time per step (typical) 0.12 sec
+ measurement time
Based on recommended movement speed to minimize vibration
Time per step (minimum) 0.02 sec
+ measurement time
Total Scan Time (typical) 8:50 min. Based on 5 cm x 5 cm scan in 2 mm steps (676 measurements) with a 20 mS instrument read time.
Min. Step Size 0.004 mm Smaller increments available. Contact us for details.
Max. Speed 6.1 cm/s
(2.4 in/s)


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